The Empty Fort

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The Empty Fort

Dark are the stones of this fort,
Dark they become in time’s cruel games,
Some stone couldn’t stand the test of time,
And on the ground they have fallen, long time back.

Once the fort guarded lives of dreams,
Now it stands as a monument of those dreams,
Dreams that outgrown time, Yet still lingered,
All around the fort, invisible, yet heartfelt.

What magnificence once filled this fort,
Greatness never feared to distinguish,
But those who never felt the greatness,
All from the forces from outside extinguished.

Though the fort stands empty from inside,
The lingering air, the very air one breathe,
Fills in those great feelings so wonderful,
But succumb to the understanding,
All that felt, just a waste of time.

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16 Replies to “The Empty Fort”

  1. I like this a lot my friend; I love the way you use metaphor in this richly woven tale; one could easily interpret as the human mind and its experiences through love, loss, and redemption. Great piece, really great!


  2. The picture of the fort in its heyday blankets my mind because of your words I can actually see the changing of periods, don’t know if the using of a fort stands for anything but its evidently clear. Have a safe night and thank you for the great read.

  3. … “just a waste of time” – wow! I totally did not see that coming. Very interesting. Well, I haven’t written anything impressive lately (tho I wrote 2 more). So I did not post it on my website. I guess when I come with something that’s bearable to read, I’ll post it.

    Thanks for checking up on me tho! 🙂

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