An Unforgotten Face.

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I think I told this many times before. I don’t write much in Springand Summer. I write when the weather is cold. I once even wrote a poemabout it. These days, mmm, I can write ten poems a day, as there are alot of ideas that comes to my mind. But I say, it is too hot to write.hehehe.
  I don’t forget promises, I am a man of my words. Hope you all understand what I mean. You will soon see.

Now the poem, there are times when on a given moment you will feel thatthe whole moment or piece of time is a repetition. I have gone throughthat many times. Thinking about those times I got the following poem. Iwrote it as I thought it is worth writing it.

An Unforgotten Face.

A thousand images through the mind passed,
Illusions from real life events weaved,
Ruled the mind with vigor of a cold war dictator,
Ah’ as the alternatives in pathetic formulas failed,
Some images to mind came,
Which only in imaginations lived.

Time raced at the face and fell behind,
Into days, months and years gone by forever,
The chaos, the high speed, the sudden breaks,
Into the whirlpool of time all went away,
All a mockery of the given illusion, life,
That grown and spread like the blue sky.

Between time’s magical movement,
A reality into every moment blended,
Passions, fantasy and fascinations played,
Oh’ reality lost its meanings in time,
And every sense along with it fabricated,
Images of long lost passions that remained.

Amid those images mind in never ending search,
To find that one real face that sprouts memory,
Memory of a happy moment mind always cherished,
But sometime in ones own failures,
And sometime for the happiness of others withdrawn,
Now mind know not which image is real or fantasy.

There is a new direction my mind see, it is worth thinking about it.When imaginations turns to words in mind, You all sure will see thosewords here.

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