Angelic Blessings

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Big Foot Found or Not….mmmm I don’t believe it. No bodies only some DNA. They won’t say about the place. Sounds like a modern day hoax. I wonder why the media gave them that much attention.

Now look at this guy.


A man in an ape costume is seenoutside a hotel where a media conference is held announcing the claimthat a deceased bigfoot or sasquatch creature has been found in Georgiaon Friday, Aug. 15, 2008, in Palo Alto, Calif.(AP Photo/Ben Margot)

If I am not wrong. I believe Iwrote a poem with the same name some years back. I don’t know how manypeople exists from that era who constantly visit my site. Well, Imyself don’t remember it, then how can anyone else remember it. Anywaywrote it and hope you all enjoy it. As for me I am enjoying Olympics. Iam a big fan of Olympics and my keen following of Olympics started whenI was seven years old. At that time I remember my sister, brothers andcousins speaking about the wonderful gymnastics of Nadia Comaneci. In1980 my cousin went to Moscow to see the Olympics and brought a lot ofmemorabilia. In 1984 we bought a T.V but the telecast did not reachedour little town(Alleppey, Kerala, India) so my older brother went tothe nearby city (Cochin, Kerala, India whcih is about 40 miles north ofAlleppey) with a bunch of VHS cassettes and recorded most of thehighlights and brought it to us everyday. In 1988 I was in college andit was fun watching Olympics with friends. 1992, wow, I was at hometook vacation and watched the whole Olympics. 1996 same thing tookvacation and watched the whole Olympics at home with my cousins anduncle. 2000 in Milwaukee, WI. I was alone and watched the Olympics athome. No need to take vacations as I was out of job. 2004 I was inOverland Park. KS. working at sprint watched it with my mom most of theevenings. Now aha… I won’t say where I am, but I am not alone. Myspecial congratulations to Michael Phelps and Nastia Liukin for makingus all proud with their fantastic performances. Both of them are truepoetry in action.

Someone recently asked me, if I have agirlfriend and if I found love. The answer is, people who can lovepeople like me are extinct.

Angelic Blessings.

The golden rays of sun left no mystery,
As darkness with a feel of guilt arrived,
Triumphant winners took it all and slept,
Losers licked their wounds and thought in pain,
Many for the image of the morrows begged,
Still known is only the past, that limped away.

Some stars opened their shutters,
A little bit of light from far away thrown,
Like glow worms flickered and in slow motion moved,
The guilt of the night left and more beauty seen,
Up way up between heaven and this good old earth.
Oh’ night unraveled beauty, most in sleep never see.

Ah’ what wonderful patterns one can see,
When from the depths of the never ending universe come,
The little glow that to the souls of us speak,
Verses written before sun, moon and earth created,
But the light only in background of darkness flickered.

Through the darkness in silence came,
The morning looking for the reasons to brighten,
Then you opened those wonderful eyes of yours,
Through those eyes shown to the world a wonderful soul
From it took the light and the morning brightened,
And those stars faded leaving,
Angelic blessings upon our love.


Thisis an Elton John song.. from the album Captain And The Kid. I lookedfor a video of this song and found this wonderful animation video madeby someone in youtube. Listen to the lyrics and watch this video. Thisperson did a great work with this song.

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