A Great Time

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When I am watching the USbasketball team receive their gold, I know one thing, this Olympics is over.The closing ceremony starts in another three hours. The wonderful music theyplay during the medal ceremony touches deep. After knowing what Olympics is formore than 32 years of my 39 years on Earth I know it is one of the mostwonderful things humanity ever done to bring people together. From a veryyounger age I never believed in national boundaries and the Olympic movement isone phenomenon that unites us in competition and leaves those who compete notas champions and losers but as who they truly are, humans.

 There were manymemories in the last two and half weeks. Michael Phelps making history, NastiaLuikin showing how to show poetry through gymnastics, Jamaican sprintersshowing how much a human body can be stretched to achieve the ultimate speed. Ican list a whole lot of things more taking pages and pages of things youalready know. But I am not going to do that as like in every games I watched,heard and read about I am little emotionally overwhelmed and my sincere thanksgoes to all those who left a mark with winning smiles, tears of pain andshowing everyone we are one.

  Now I need a lot oftime to really recuperate as I slept very little in the last two and a halfweeks. Chinadid a remarkable job in organizing these games in the most spectacular manner. Onecan always say pollution, under aged athletes and political propaganda. Stillhats off to them for the great job they did in organizing and being part of thenew world from within the Forbidden City.

  The United States Olympic committee has got a handfulnow as we leave with many disappointments. But one should understand we didbetter than the last Olympics in the number of medals we got and equaled theGold count. I hope there are people who are going to go back to the drawingboard and start over to be an Olympic champion and we sure will be back on top.As for the Gold count we will be back on top but for the time being we have tolive with the bitterness of giving the bragging rights to China for winningmore Gold, yes, they got all our gold, well, when I am about to go to bed thisthought came to mind, China taking all our gold? Isn’t that a social realitytoo?

Here is the wonderful”Molihua” (Jasmine Flower) Olympic Medal Presentation Music Enjoy

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