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The poet never lies during Ramadan. Daytime fasting,nighttime praying, life is going well these days and I have no complaints aboutit at all. Well as I cannot tell a lie or write a lie or look at women in a badway most of my usual entertainments are out. Hehehe… Yes, this one month noentertainments. So I posted some picture blogs. Lot ofpeople viewed it and left, some left comments. Well I did not sleep last night,so, as sleep is consuming my mind, I told myself, I must write, write somethingfrom my life. Something that is real in all its content. Nothing fabricated in the mind based on real events. So I took an event from my own life that happened at about nineand half years back. It took about 18 minutes for me to write this into thecomputer. So let me know if any corrections can be made. Poets who writepoetry, poets who wrote poetry and abandoned it, poets who are thinking ofwriting poetry… come on tell if I am wrong. If I did a great job with a sleepymind…. Then I must be sleepy all the time hehehe



Not Yet

The morning commutes made life dizzy,
Everyday ate brownies and drank sweet tea,
In the traffic that moved slow and kept us all hostages,
And time took a leap and made one feel,
Watches are running faster than normal.

Late the day started as beautiful dreams made me,
Throw the alarm radio under the bed,
All the time the lazy bones took to dress up and start
On the highway slow moving traffic I expected,
But late I am and none was there to keep me slow.

Put on my favorite songs and upon the pedal I stood,
Sixty I saw in seconds, eighty I saw in minutes,
Never felt the speed as along a song I sang and rocked,
Not knowing what went behind me on that Indiana highway.

On the left most lane I paced and suddenly noticed,
A white car coming in the next lane and getting into lane,
Looked at the mirror and saw a sixteen wheeler closing by,
Microseconds passed as a decision I made.

Take the car out of the road onto the shoulder,
I turned the wheel but the white car was too close,
And to avoid a crash instinct made me brake.

My car to the shoulder turned but never stopped,
Took a turn to the left and turning I saw,
The side of the huge truck passing by,
Lost all control of the car as it turned and turned,
Another pick up truck I saw passing by and I missed,
The fourth turn took me close to another car,
On the rightmost lane but I missed her too,
And out on the right shoulder it reached and my car stopped.

Three times in a matter of seconds I saw death in front,
Breathless I sat in the car for many, many minutes,
Then when I started the car to get back to the road,
Then somewhere in my mind I heard, “Not Yet”

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