Kissing Rose

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Kissing Rose


The summer sun all over the town exploded,

And birds from all corners came,

Oh’ how wonderful it was to see,

The world in the warmth of love,

Love of Mother Nature dance,

And love from numb reality thrived,

And out lived the cruelty of fate.


In this bustling town,

Crowned the beauty of Rose,

She walked like a deer,

And dear to all she became,

And then to the town came Jason,

With cunning lust the only feeling he knew,

From the moment he saw Rose,

He put both his eyes upon Rose,

In her innocence to him she always talked,

But nothing good from his mouth came,

Though surprised, she took it all as fun.


Jason told her with a face filled with smile,

Hands holding flowers of the best kind,

Mind filled with lusty thoughts,

“Oh my Rose, my darling Rose,

There isn’t a day in my life I can live,

Without a thought of those dazzling eyes,

There isn’t a moment in my life I can spare,

Without the thoughts of that charming smile,

In your bosom sleeps love I wish for all my life,

Give me love and in my love will spread the life of yours”.


Days gone by as every invitation Rose dodged,

Her admirers one by one Jason chased away,

Some with threats, some with blackmail,

Many with slanders unbelievable,

None should talk but him that became his life’s mission,

And through every crooked means he achieved what he aimed,

None talked to her only the cunning smile of him she saw,

Only the lust filled words of romance she heard,

And days stacked to weeks and weeks to months,

Still not a node of love from Rose to Jason came.


Jason’s words lost its charm,

Love left the town as only lust of a crooked man felt,

And his invitations turned to pleas for kindness,

Oh’ lovers in another way are decent beggars he proved,

But compassion he never deserved Rose knew it well,

And she only gave smile in her kindness,

Jason lost all his hope with summer ready to bow away,

Then on a bright evening in the golden lights of sun he asked,

“Rose my darling sweet heart, I must leave this town,

Please let me leave a kiss on those pretty lips,

And forever I will let that memory stalk my mind,

And forever I will stay away from this town,

Deny not oh dear don’t deny the plea of this lost lover”


To him without a smile she asked,

“Words will gain my heart you believed?

Roses will win my charm you thought?

Love is a feeling one should feel first,

And then must share without a touch,

You know nothing about love oh’ my lost lover,

And now you only want a touch of me in material,

And even now only the well being of your memory you cared,

Nothing for this poor wretched lonely girl”.


Turning away she walked a step or two,

And Jason after her ran,

And on his knees he pleaded to her for his one last wish,

“Touch you with my hand I will not,

Keep the windows open a foot high dear,

And after midnight I will come and you just show your lips,

I will kiss and fade into the darkest corners of the world”.


Rose turned and without a word away she ran,

And Jason shouted again and again,

“Silence is a yes and I will come tonight dear”.


Confused about what to do, Rose all tired, came home,

Her single dad held her and asked reason for her gloom,

Told all that happened to her dad,

And with a smile to her he told,

“Don’t worry my little princess I will take care of this,

You just sleep in my room just for this night,

And without harming him I will making him leave”.


Night came late as day shown his last muscle around the sun,

And all lights faded as mid night galloped all around the town,

Jason crept up the creepers without making a sound,

Holding on to the rails of the window he whispered,

“Rose my dear, here I am, please, please just show your lips,

I cannot hold on for too long dear,

Hearing this Rose’s dad woke up,

Without making any noise, her dad pulled down his pajamas,

And shown his freshly shaven ass through the window gap,

And Jason kept his word as with his hand he didn’t touched at all,

And did the best kiss he can ever give,

And he left in the way he came.


Next morning to the church when Rose walked,

All packed up Jason came to her and told,

“Oh dear Rose many, many thanks for what you did,

Your lips felt thick and tasted so wonderful,

But your mouth odor, you should do something to get it fixed”.


Not knowing anything Rose with her usual smile ran to church,

And Jason left town with no more thoughts about her,

And true love came to town with the colors of fall.


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