A New Way

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I went on a ride, it was unholy and the most dramtic. Now I am back here in PoetryBox. This is where I belong. The rest of the internet is screwed up. I hate Facebook so I cancelled that account. My Myspace will go soon too. I will be here and in my lonelypoet sites. There are those who lost me because they became too materialistic. I thought someone understood what I am truly about and I was relieved about it. Now I know that whole feeling I had was wrong and that person took me all wrong. The cancer of the material world had eaten her mind. The sad part is the mistake she is making will hurt her. I cannot do anything other than just walk away. That’s what I did from Facebook. She is only thinking from her side and I thinking from all sides and I am hurt. It is with audacity I went there and now I feel stupid going to an idiotic site that is good for nothing.
My poetry haven’t suffered because of this. The poetry you may see here in the coming day will reflect what I said above. But I will guide my mind in a new way. I will entertain you that’s for sure.

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