A Love Uncared.

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My weekend was spent in Kansas with my brother and family. Had a great drive too and from there. Talking about drive, I got the idea of the following poem during a drive to Kansas last month. I am not going to tell much more as there isn’t much I can say now. Enjoy the poem.

A Love Uncared.

The dusk in the beauty of a darling quietly stood,

As through the thickening darkness drove,

And a melancholic tune into the soul she whispered,

As to the lust of night she surrendered.


Ahead a little the light shown,

Many vehicles as if in a battle field passed

As right through nights chest pierced,

With the vengeance of violating the pretty looking dusk.


All over as, home in sweetness ended waiting,

And after the long drive bed bore more beauty than any dusk,

All tired when to sleep tried, face upon the pillow pressed,

To mind in the melancholy of the tune dusk sang came a thought,

Why no more dreams I see Oh’ at least a nightmare I should see,

And think about as in emptiness of mind darkness crept.


Oh then conscious mind kissed the lips of sleep,

Hours mind the love of sleep felt,

The insomniac sub-conscious mind like a wild dog barked,

Showing the magic of life and how elusive that magic from this life.


Then from all sides fire, smoke and screams erupted,

The scales of no dragon seen,

There are no bombs exploding,

It was the birth of oneself, from peace of one reality,

Into the depths of earthly life’s brutality,

Oh’ again and again the scream heard,

As sleep left sharing some hours of love.


The echoes of the scream and fires seen at birth,

The unloved past of a lover’s lost paths,

All erased as from all corners of horizons she came,

With a happy version of the tune she sang,

Then a realization to mind came,

Everyone who is loved will see,

This beauty in the eyes of the one who love,

Then as the morning exploded all around, with a smile stood,

Knowing how much God loves us all.


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