The Intruder.

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Hello hello how are you doing on the wild Friday. I woke up at 9:14AM after a wild night booo at around 2:40AM I woke up with severe stomach pain. As many of you may know my belly is the biggest part of my body and when it pains oh’ boy. That killed my sleep. Then I slept at around 6:30 in the morning.

Now this poem. This is the name I thought of giving to a poem which I posted earlier this week called “The Lonely Lilly”. The very idea of this poem came from that dream. Someone intruding into my home. Well…I hope people will not get turned off by the two metaphors. Enjoy


Beside the river the house stood,

The surrounding of the house empty,

Oh’ from outside the beauty of the house not seen,

Mother Nature’s naughtiness fully seen,

Parasite’s brutality fully grown,

Dark patches showing the age of the house,

In majestic proportions the house filled the land.


The front door like a smiling face stood,

Open all the time though none in through it ventured,

The side windows like ever opened eyes welcomed,

The true light of the house inside seen,

The big hallways leading to living room,

The dinning room can kill hunger of all kind,

As all the rooms stood big and tall,

Colorful drapes adorned the outside light,

The air inside so wonderfully scented,

Anyone inside will feel the comforts of feelings,

Feelings unique to each room in this wonderful house.


From far up north came the intruder,

Creeping though the gates and then searching,

For a place to grow and show charms of a different kind,

The intruder spoke wise words the house understood,

Unblinking eyes everyone from far saw,

In the prettiness of the flowers intruder gave.

Creeper crept all over the house masking age,

Flowers big as hands hanged from sides,

Then the intruder got into the house through open door,

Finding warmth inside from the winter cold,

Feeling of a different kind inside every room intruder felt,

Rhyming with passion of each room filling own scent,

Then in spring time with flowing breeze dancing,

The intruder through the passing seasons consumed,

Every corner of the house changing and merging,

Into the house and house into the intruder,

Then the door closed forever as none else the house wants,

To walk into the house even in the darker days to come.


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