Your Dream Fulfillment.

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It was early in the morning. I finished my late night blogtv show and wanted to go to bed. On my way I was humming a very old Hindi song. I don’t remember the words of the Hindi song at all only tune came to my mind. The only thing I remember was that song got something to do with Sapne(dream) so I started making my own words in English and started singing the first two paragraph of this poem. The rest of the poem I wrote after I woke up. As usual I gave it about a week time to see if I myself like it. Here it is.

Your Dream Fulfillment.

Minted by the spring mist,
In the glory of season stood,
Oh in eyes light you carried,
The light of fulfilled dreams.

Upon the wings of winds sat,
Over mountains and sea flown,
Caressing cheeks of a maiden,
Wishing for her love in lifetimes ahead.

Inside the tunes of a lullaby sat,
And into the soul of a maiden looked,
Dreams of morrows in there sprouted,
Oh’ the fulfillment of those dreams lullaby sang.

Inside a new bloomed flower sat,
Kissed a maiden’s lips again and again,
Her dreams of love one by one fulfilled,
And then light of a soul in love in her eyes saw.

Minted by the rays of autumn evening,
The golden rays clearing ways,
Oh’ the light from your eyes took birth,
And a soul as your dream fulfillment casted.

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