Embrace Of Your Invisible Hands

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Grace asked me again to write another poem… well poets at times are stubborn characters and won’t write anything until they are in a mood. But when a girl like Grace asks in all sweetness, this poet will write in all sweetness he can. Here it is.

Embrace Of Your Invisible Hands

The color filled light of morning like a bird sung,
About you the queen of the east,
In words all around the nature echoed.

“Seen a beauty in Angelic glow,
Oh’ from her eyes love like a river flow,
When touched her forehead only gladness felt,
Gladness that took heart and in adoration forever kept.

Ah’ when upon her eyes touched they blinked
That gave wings to this wandering wind,
With those wings of love forever fly I will,
And touch heavens in the depths of hearts in love I will.”

The beauty of you from material sight maybe gone,
Still the echo again and again heard,
And the embrace of your invisible hands again and again felt.

©RIAZAHAMMED.COM All Rights Reserved 2010

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