To The Night

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To The Night.

Oh’ night your silence in penance sung,

About the stretch of time as one you see,

A beautiful girl in the vast space lay,

As a beauty none see but live through everyday.

Oh’ night the darkness of yours all around spread,

And shown the past as twinkling stars up high,

Meteors like naughty kids ran across the sky,

Ah’ what more wonders under your dark blanket you keep?

Oh’ night you intoxicated me with the beauty of time,

And sleep came and took me by hand,

Then you shown dreams that made no sense to me,

Still woke up with a smile that told all will end in the happiness of all.

Oh’ night farewell I say as from east you erased yourself,

One by one stars you took to sleep,

And to the world the magic of the day you give,

With a star that brightens every moment in beauty and love.  


©RIAZAHAMMED.COM All Rights Reserved 2010.

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