Tragedy Of An Apology.

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No matter how deep, an apology is a dance of sorts,
A step-by-step process in sincerity to make amends,
Yet so often by the wild humanity misunderstood,
As if it’s a well-set trap to catch our friends.

Flesh and blood humans stumble and falter along the way,
Trying hard and our best to make things right,
But the wild and wicked world is quick to judge and say,
That we are the ones in the wrong, not right.

The fabrications Ah’, a fatal blow to a romance,
When one can’t see and feel the effort put forth,
And instead, they conspire and choose to enhance,
The idea, that the one apologizing is of no worth.

But a heartfelt apology is not just a sentence,
It’s the steps taken to make things right,
It’s a promise to change and a willingness,
To work on the problem, day and night.

So let’s not be quick to judge,
Or dismiss those who try to make things right,
For an apology is a long and strong bridge,
Deep into a love-filled future that’s full of light.

Wrote and thought and left what I wrote,
Days passed and the rhymes from my mind I lost,
Still, some words spoken that cut deep and brought,
Pain I suffered and mind wandered in an empty coast.

Somewhere the imperfections of thoughts or just words,
Or my heart’s desires lost ways in passions unholy,
Or in the magnificence of the illusion, her ways she lost,
And regrets abandoned that mind into a world of folly.

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Photo by Teslariu Mihai on Unsplash

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