Abandoned Desires.

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Abandoned Desires.

The first birth of light Oh’ always remains unseen,
As pain of desires yesterday and night in heart left,
Left in a heart that untiringly beats.

Oh’ some pain in confusion woke,
Nightmares that haunted childhood days,
And those nightmares still spoke,
In the same screaming voice like thunder heard.
Followed by the howling of an ageless owl,
And the screeching of a sightless bat,
Then through the jungle chased,
Wild beasts with blood filled eyes,
Ah’ all lost as in the big web of the spider caught,
Oh’ no beast dared to steal her meal,
Then to the center of the web she came,
And with her hand caressed forehead with sweat filled,
Oh’ nightmare gone only love remained,
And the sprouted tears with her soft smiling lips wiped.

In the childhood days it was motherly love one unconditionally felt,
In these days abandoned desires like a ghosts cared,
For, without this mind and soul they exist not.


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