The Elusive Poem.

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There is a simple way life that can be lived, it is easy, do not bother anyone. Oooh… it is easier said than done. Do you know what our main problem is, we are attention freaks. We can never live without the attention of others. We crave for it, and because of that we do freaky things, which in turn make us all look bad. Then what do we do? Depression, compression of arteries, drugs, alcohol, rehab, feeling insecure… you name it. Do you know there is a positive side to things and none goes through that way? The choice is yours to make and you make the wrong choice and then feel bad about it, blames others some becomes maniacs and are lost forever.
I once made a bad choice, right after that I did not know that I even made a choice. The reality was unacceptable; the beauty of the illusion, amazing. Then I started writing more and more. That act looked bizarre to many there is this one soul I love and respect who once asked, “Can you forgive yourself?” and at that time I thought there is no way I can forgive. Because there is nothing to forgive the very choice led both of us to understand how good we are. The positive side of things we ventured helped us to be sane. Writing got her into mind, writing got her out. When I said writing got her out, mm may not be 100% true as there is always a place for her in my heart and she will always be there. The very thought of that act to straighten things out gave me the first lines of the following poem. From there it flowed like a river in mid spring time. The style may be familiar to my readers, as I have already written and posted couple of poems in the same style here, in the course of my time here.

The Elusive Poem.

Write, Write and write about all that I wrote,
Wrote, Wrote and Wrote,
Many lines onto my mind embedded,
Many to dreams evolved,
Many dreams made me write more.

Oh’ so many thoughts, dreams and dreams about dreams,
With care, love and passion I weaved,
The material heart beat fast for senses to comprehend and reflect.

Fast breath broke the pre-dawn silence,
Then with the first break of light in the East,
All thoughts, dreams and all verses united,
And went invisible, unheard, nothing any sense can feel.

Body left bed, home and town,
Day grown tall like a country maiden in beauty and warmth,
The streets like scared morning doves scattered,
And the night into past went and from an unknown dimension, haunted.

Days passed, weeks to unknown depths fell,
Months mocked, and years to fate fell pray,
In the whirlpool of time, with stubborn inevitability.

Many events defined life,
Many moments left memories bleeding,
Oh’ that poem mind haunted, elusive remained,
As life in seclusion crawled.

Through ways dark and till now none ventured,
Many days bright seen but by western horizon consumed,
Then one dusk watching the inevitable, alone in the falling mist sat,
Far, Far away a little spot wandering eyes found,
That grown as every second to a long lost past dissolved.

Oh’ you came close,
In your presence horizons glowed,
In my presence a smile upon your face showed,
And then into your eyes I looked,
Ah’ through those eyes in clarity I saw,
The poem, dreams and thoughts in union disappeared,
When mind in the wanderings through fate lost,
Now in all purity as your soul glows.

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Photo by Josh Hild on Unsplash

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