The Cruelty Of A Poet

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The light is gone from this soul. I said it in The Curse Of The LonelyPoet Part III poem. Recent events made me write this. I wish I were younger, I wish I were someone else, wishes I never wished before. All for one– A Mirage.

The Cruelty Of A Poet.

Time took moonlight by hand and flown,
And upon the bud touched,
Melted the mist in hesitation stood,
And upon the budding flower fell,
And petal by petal to a wild world she bloomed.

The night to the just awaken morning bid farewell,
Spring morning spread and the wind from west waved,
The birds sang, nature sizzled and the words of a poet, matured.
Oh’ upon the flower poetic eyes found a new step of dance.

Words flowed and in string verses garlanded,
The new bloomed flower who in the verse filled wind danced,
Never cared the world, never cared the nature, poet’s pen moved,
Never known where the words went and what wrong in it all hid.

Spring left, summer blazed the flower in the poet’s mind stayed bloomed,
Muse left, model faded, but the feeling overwhelmingly bound,
A beauty beyond every hope, any wish and Ah’ a petal fell,
And the poetry, Oh’ riddled and with the colors of fall, filled.

The riddles none understood, no love the flower can trust,
Behind colors, behind the veil of nature she walked,
The tragedy none noticed, the scent and color always adored,
Still in the mind of a poet the flower in all beauty danced.

The errors and wrongs the poet known,
The words he wished never to his mind came,
The flower he wished he never seen,
But for it all some unknown reason, fate, away from all kept.

Never to the poet the flower in real bloomed,
Only in his imagination she danced and someone else’s tunes in real sang,
Stayed away and to for him thorn filled stalks left,
And now every day a moment of peace for her he kept.

No prayers of him she can hear,
Nothing changed, no matter how he apologize,
No matter what he try to change,
In her eyes, just another naughty riddle.

Ah’ the philosophies and science said and done,
Life a fate and time torn riddle,
Love of two lay strangled in all the riddles and lyrics,
Eyes once filled with tears now in tearless pain, blinded.

©RIAZAHAMMED.COM. All Rights Reserved. 2011.

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