Blizzard Inside And Outside.

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One of the things people should know is what they can eat or not eat. If one is eating something one don’t know anything about be stale and don’t move because if one does one can end up in some serious trouble.

   I am hyper lactose intolerant most people who know me well know that. I get free lunch where I work so the chef also knows that I can’t eat or drink anything that got diary in it. So today morning I went to the kitchen and got my Oolong tea made. Then as usual I picked up couple of cookies and left. The cookies tasted good but it tasted different than the usual ones. I had tea then I went for lunch at about noon time. Lunch was chicken roast, beans and some very small round, round things. I asked the chef.

“What is this?” She said. “Chow mow” or that’s how it sounded like. The guy stood by me said it is good with chicken. So no second thoughts I took the lunch and came and ate. Great stuff I ate them all

  By the time I finished the lunch I got a call that someone needs one of my personal documentation so I needed to go to my hotel room. I went out and said “Oh boy”

It is snowing like hell outside. But I have a four wheel drive truck so no worries I started my slow and steady trip. About half way through things started going bad in my stomach. A real blizzard was brewing right in there. I cannot drive faster either as there was like 2 inches of snow on the road. But somehow I reached the hotel and know I forgot to take the room key from my bag.

  I went to the front desk and told. “Buddy I need a key to my room and you need to give me fast” by my look he understood what is wrong. I got into the room and jumped into the toilet. Ooooh. Sitting there I contacted chef and asked “What was that chow mow or whatever?” She told. “Oh I forgot to tell ya, it was prepared in butter and buttermilk” I told “Yeah I know, it is going faster than Niagara” it was good for a nice laugh during the drive back and during the rest of the time at work.

 I told the chef  “I will never eat anything I don’t know about”

Now when laughing sitting in the office I can see what is the second best thing I love in Wisconsin, falling all over the place, spreading the color of peace. The first one spreads a smile every moment of my life with her awesomeness.

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