The Forgotten, The Un-Forgiven.

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This PoetryBox Is Closed.

It will take a great effort to get this back open and there is only one person who can do it and that person is not me. She knows who she is.


Here are some comments and parts of comments left by a darling girl in my site in the time that passed between us. Read this whole thing.

“My best wishes go out to you…in hopes that things in your life will improve with haste. No one deserves to be put in darkness like that…by anyone. I’m sorry if I’ve done that to you.”


“As always, I’m extremely happy that everything worked out well once again. Glad I could be of help to you.”


“You made a good choice…if she was trying to make you into someone you’re not, that’s generally a better sign than any that it wasn’t meant to be. If anything else, you have people who love you for who you are. ^_^ Never change.

Your poem is beautiful…as they all are. “


“That has such deep meaning. It seems that you are not only explaining the budding of a spring rose, but almost of another human being. It’s captivating.

Regardless of what you say, I will think of you…I hope that this time works more than any.”


“I wish that everything that ails you turns to light in place of darkness, and that you are able to find happiness at its finest on this holiday weekend. I don’t like to see people I care about unhappy, and you deserve to be happy.


May your week still be filled with as much happiness as possible.”


“That was beautiful. The symbolism you use to portray the insanity of life is wonderful…I really enjoyed it.

It would seem that you yourself are going through insanity…you express your chaos well. I hope that your world stops spinning enough to allow your peace to settle.”




“I must say, everyday that I come home from work, school, dance, etc, I always look forward to seeing your posts and comments…and I want to thank you. I am always honored to be your {darling},  and will always be as such.”


“As always, I wish you the most amount of happiness possible…because you of all people deserve to be happy.


Believe me, I am MORE than honored to be your {darling}  I look forward to hearing from you every day.”


“I greatly apologize for not as many comments as usual. Busy times lead to no computer…which always ends up making me feel extremely grouchy. However, time passes and there will be somethings that are never forgotten, despite the stress and the hurry.

You my friend, are never going to be forgotten.”



I really don’t think I need to explain what made her say these things. The fact is she had forgotten me.  It is not my fault, if it is please tell me what I did wrong. For any wrong I did or not did I apologized many times. So she not only forgotten me, I am un-forgiven too. That gives me a feeling and do I really need to be specific if it is good or not?

One Reply to “The Forgotten, The Un-Forgiven.”

  1. I haven’t forgotten you, Riaz, but I will be completely honest with you here and tell you exactly why things have gone the way they have.

    I was young when I first started talking with you. I was in search of truth, friendship, art, whatever. You name it, I was curious enough to look for it, and I especially wanted to find people to talk to. I read your poems and thought they were interesting, and I complimented them as such. When you started responding to me and the random things I posted on my xanga, especially giving me compliments and what not, I of course responded. No one online that I didn’t know had ever paid much attention to me before, and so I jumped on your offer of friendship. And of course, it was truly appreciated. Nothing I said to you was a lie, or false. I really did appreciate the interaction.

    What changed for me was knowing why you were continuing to talk to me, or why you were getting upset when I didn’t respond to your posts, etc. Hearing that you felt something more towards me than friendship scared me, as it should have. When I was being a normal 15 year old, having a boyfriend and writing about it on my xanga, you were writing poems about how crushed you were that I said someone’s name other than yours. That is not something I wanted to have happen. I was, as I said, really young, and such a situation was not something that I wanted to encourage or egg on, so I decided that stopping our communication was something that I wanted to do. I’m sorry that this upset you, I’m sorry that it still upsets you. It was done more for my safety than anything. You can consider that selfish if you want to, but it’s the way I decided to act.

    Then, when I let you know that I would not like to speak with you anymore, you initially agree to not contact me. Then, you decide to anyways, and this whole thing starts over again. I am not interested in making this worse by any means, so I figured that just leaving it be so you could move on would be the best choice. Clearly, that has not happened.

    I do not want to be responsible for your “stopping” of your writing, Riaz. You are a poet, as you yourself have proclaimed, and there is no reason you should stop doing what you love to do, and I simply will not accept you stopping because of me. Be the bigger person and do what you love, regardless of anyone else, me included.

    What you do from here is your choice, but I will tell you that, while I do read all of your comments, I have still been and may still be reluctant to respond to them for the above reasons. I can’t say that will change any time soon, but know that I DO read the things you write to me, and I do still appreciate them.

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