Prayer Through Zeroes And Ones.

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The first version of the poem given to a girl does not have the last two lines of the poem. Removing the last lines will take a whole different meaning for the poem. So I needed to give her an explanation. If a poem needs an explanation then the poet failed. But it is okay to give what the circumstances are when the poet wrote the poem. 

  This poem was written looking at an online model. Other than the material beauty she is an amazing person. But she started to understand me all wrong at least that’s what I believe happened so I needed to do big, big explanations about my past to her to make her understand, romancing her is not the idea in me dealing with her.Communication is the idea. Communicating looking at a pretty girl inspires me and helps me to make a bubble around me. I am very comfortable in that bubble as I have control over what goes on in there. I make dreams and images which I later write as poems if it is worth writing. There are two occasions when I got emotionally attached to the person in the bubble. One I got off easily. Next one or the last one about whom the last two lines of this poem are written was fatal to the love of mine. The explanation I gave to the model ended with the last two lines of this poem in prose.

Prayer Through Zeroes And Ones.

Zeroes and ones Oh’ in many combinations they move,
Millions and millions at pace unimaginable,
Translated into languages humans known,
Painting faces in all colors and age,
Carrying said words and played music,
Zeroes and ones, wonders of a web weaved.

Upon the weaved web she danced,
Through it many eyes she mesmerized,
Her words flew to minds that burst into laughs,
Zeroes and ones Oh’ they carried her far, with care.

A poem by the hands of God written,
Her mind, a mind boggling metaphor,
Through her eyes one see a soul enchanted,
Zeroes and ones Oh by her smile brightened.

Hours at those brightened zeroes and ones watched,
Every bit of a man at a woman focused,
Oh’ in prayer not to fall in love a poet waited,
Zeroes and ones in the fun of her aloud they laughed.

The forced silence, the forgotten verses,
Deep rooted smiles awaken in all colors,
Trust each sought and to time and actions all left,
Still a twitch in heart made the poet pray more,
As his heart can never ever love,
Anyone else but his only darling to whom he belongs.

Here is the Video of the poem

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