The Chanting Of The Birds

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Here is the new poem. One should be really experienced with my style of  writing to really deeply understand this poem. There are those who love these kinda writings this poem is meant for them. That doesn’t mean that no one else should try to read or understand this. Try and see if it makes sense to you if so you will understand all poems I have written. If not, find a different poet to understand.
The Chanting Of The Birds.

The day began by countless birds chanting,
Chanting that made us feel words,
Words that healed the wounds of Yesterdays.

Oh’ nothing more I heard,
Though world around in pleasant explosion erupted,
Nothing more I wanted to hear,
As in those chants mind reflected,
The prayers in early mornings I made,
To purify the love of us,
To eradicate the doubts in our minds,
To strengthen the trust in our souls,
To make us love each other more.

Ah’ not many heard the beautiful chants,
Most into chaotic calamities plunged,
Calamities of their own design,
And losing senses facedown they all fell,
Oh’ they should have listened,
To the chant, to hear loving souls,
For in there is the learning of happiness, sadness, anger and hatred,
Of the one whom you love.

Oh’ in the chants I have heard,
The yearning of her soul I have heard,
Her mind by shadows of past haunted,
And she singing, dancing and smiling away,
The chaos, confusion and dilemma.
In the deeper levels of the chants I thought I heard,
A giggle or sob I know nothing about,
Oh’ hour glass turned again and again by nature,
And the chants went on and on.

Then all paused, no movement felt,
No words in mind came,
Just the sound of an illusion of the sand falling.

Then just the sob of a single bird I heard,
All clear so close to real,
The words to mind came,
Through five sense that made perfect sense,
No one is listening to the chanting of the birds reflecting my soul.

©RIAZAHAMMED.COM. All Rights Reserved-2011.

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