The Last Encounter

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I accidentally “Like” the page of someone. I later corrected the mistake and “Unlike” the page thinking I am some weird guy who cannot pay attention to what I am doing. Weird is the word that started the following poem.


The Last Encounter.

Wilder thoughts, in weirdness spoke,
About unknown faces and voices heard,
Those unknown faces and voices O’ as mirages dissolved,
Into thin air and as a naughty wind danced,
Yes the thoughts wilder like wild horses ran,
Over frozen lands, burning desert sands and sharp edged mountain cliffs,
Then near an ocean he stopped,
Looking at the depth and vastness of the beauty,
Then my own image in the water seen,
Ah’ the image disappeared like an unknown face voiceless,
Thoughts to frozen lands and mountain cliffs retreated,
As it is the love of her I once more as an ocean encountered.

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  1. @SamsPeeps – 
    Thank you very much… It was first posted on Facebook that place is incredibly messed up looks like no one can add me anymore as all the Authors Community groups and my poetry show viewers added me and it is 5000 friends done. Well I am on a break from everything. I did not said what I am doing now. I am writing some movie scripts without much expectations… just know how to write them and was thinking of writing movie scripts for a long long time. Now I think it is a good time to do it. I will catch up with your writings soon okay.

    The Signature Of A True Human Is The Smile He/She Brings On The Face Of Others.

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