Tattoo On The Soul.

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Tattoo On The Soul.

The chisels of nature through winter gnawed,
And brought out the wonders underneath hidden,
The frozen lands, trees and the howling wind,
All by the hands of a mother for us all cleansed.

Birds in the light rhythms of the light breeze sang,
No more wrath old man winter can unleash,
As he in the beauty of Angels stood stunned,
Angels, who brought the light of spring and spread.

Every eye a different eye, seen it all in wonders of mind,
The God given wonders through seasons to seasons moved,
And through time we pass in years measured,
And through time a soul will pass with happiness filled.

Ah’ happiness for the reason of you my dear,
A darling with heart and soul with kindness filled,
A darling whose penance is her compassion to all,
Who erased from my mind anger and envy to all.

Oh’ my soul eternally in happiness will dance,
Happiness to my soul you brought my dear,
You who left a tattoo upon my soul that shown,
The smiling face of yours drawn, with the ink of your love.

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