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Monday morning I asked myself, Do you know how love/romance works? I answered myself, it is all fiction man, all is fiction. Nothing ever happened in my life to say anything else. So I still took my pen and wrote and wrote and wrote all that came in my head. To a great extend it all looks, sounds and feels insane. Someone who is so focused on one person and writes and writes and writes then will come a word or phrase that he uses as a center point and then draws an image with words. No rules can stop him, or to say in another way no rules he should use to express what comes at that time. It is raw poetry. It is better for the verses to remain raw or the polish and shine he may give will change the felt meaning when it is expressed in a shined manner. Yeah, that’s how I write. I learned all the rules I can, before I decided not to follow any one of them.  

    The way I live is evolving. I used to be very angry then I read wise words and now slowly but steadily I am losing the habit of getting angry. How do I do that? I will not put myself in situations that make me angry. I am also learning to deal with ego, jealousy of any kind and the habit I need to get rid off bad language. Aaah’ Rome was not built in a day.

   Days flown away and almost everyday there is a feeding hand I love to see. She got a pretty hand too. There was one attempt I did a long time back, to get rid off the habit of dreaming. I became depressed.  Dreaming is good as long as it is only a dream. Reality is ugly, nasty and stinks beyond imaginations. Yet there are some who don’t understand the difference between a dreaming poet and a weeping lover.

Good Night and Good Luck my sweet friends, relatives and the one darling.

Have a great weekend!.



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