The Unseen Dance.

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This is a very busy week. It’s just that I don’t have a lot of time, the things I do are really contradictory. Monday evening helped my sister-in-law’s cousin to move to New Berlin, WI. Yesterday I went to see the Brewers game. Today I woke up at 4:30AM to be at work for an early morning meeting. Today evening going to help sister-in-law’s cousin to get the rest of the stuff to her new house, tomorrow is going to be another day like today. Then Friday at 7:00AM I should be at the Indian Consulate in Chicago. Come back in the evening as I don’t move a lot in Chicago for “interesting” reasons. then prepare for my sister-in-law’s cousin’s house warming which is at first light on Saturday morning that will be 4:00AM. Whew…. Long days and week ahead.

   Now how did this poem happen? Yesterday early morning onwards someone was hitting on my blog site and I was wondering who is it. I emailed one person who did such a thing long time back asking if she did that or not. But later I figured out it was some sort of bot on Xanga that does that. Well at least it brought back some old memories and I went through an interesting comment she once left on one my posts. She once left a comment on my site and I accidentally deleted that comment. I went to her blog and apologized for that. Here is what she said. “You have no need to be sorry at all. My one comment will be made up by all of the others that I post here, I promise that to you in return.
I must say, everyday that I come home from work, school, dance, etc, I always look forward to seeing your posts and comments…and I want to thank you. I am always honored to be your Mo Cushle, and will always be as such.” Sure she is still as such, even though, she grew up and once in a while scares me with some thoughts that come into her mind. Well, in fact we don’t’ communicate much these days at all. So, when I read that comment for some unknown reason the image that came to my mind was a small canoe moving through the water. With that in mind I wrote the following poem.

Dedicated to that wonderful Darling Girl.

The Unseen Dance.

 The canoe in the waves of lake swayed,
Like the heart that felt love of the one she loved,
Her girly ways kept her hidden,
The yearning through every corner of life screamed,
Deep in the mind a twitch she felt,
Ah’ the wonders of love, ageless stood,
Then step by step in the rhythm of his heartbeat danced.

The reddish skin by the late spring sun kissed,
The boat in steady pace moved,
The wind and water in sync took,
Her through the grooves of life she wished to feel.
But when every moment to the fullest she felt,
His heartbeat in dancing rhythm she felt,
And her love in the rhythm of his heartbeat danced.

Nothing in the universe stale stays,
Everything at speeds beyond imaginations move,
And we all along with them move,
One bright light motionless upon her stayed,
The light in a soul with love for her filled,
Though chaos of all kinds deep inside the source of that light brewed,
Every moment of remembrance of her melted the chaos,
And to make that light bright exploded,
Ah’ she moved all around in the guidance that light shown,
Unknowing the rays danced in the rhythm of her heartbeat.

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