The Fucked Up Reality.

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What a let down by President Obama in the first presidential debate. I thought he is going shut down the campaign of Mitt Romney last night by nailing him down with very many wrong doings and sayings of Mitt Romney. He had this incredible opportunity to call a liar, a liar in front of the entire nations on his face. Obama just stood there with his head down when Romney kept on pouring his lies one after the other. This is what happens when you deal with conservatives they lie, again and again they lie and they even lie in the name of God. That’s what they are good at and I was least surprised by the lies Mitt Romney told.  Maybe Obama is going to get his act together in the next debate, I don’t know. But at least in the next debate Mr.President  don’t just stand there like a teenager being scolded for peeping into neighbors wife taking bath. Tell the truth on the face and take the consequences of telling the truth. The truth is the Republican congress blocked you from implementing your plan. The truth is America kept on losing jobs because of outsourcing done by people like Mitt Romney. The truth is there are millions of people in America who are suffering because of the Republican Congress. That’s A Reality.

 Now I am writing a pretty long poem, I haven’t really written anything like this in a long time though…. Here are some lines from the poem

“Gather not the memories of a time lost,
For in them the light of a loving soul resides,
Let the flames of your lost love die in frost,
May the light of morrows be your guide.”

I am working with three different models to get a grip on this poem. It is a lot of fun when working with a model girl who knows nothing about what I am doing. Honestly I miss the last model, who really even in her anger can inspire me better than these three models. That’s my truth and my reality. Well the last I heard about her, if I am thinking and interpreting things in her way of thinking through which she interpreted what I said..She is shuttling between Michigan and Illinois trying to hit on truckers. Maybe her bitchy friends are not giving her any ride. I don’t know, but when you are with fucked up friends then you will get really fucked up. That’s a general reality. Anyway I will post the poem when it is ready. You all maybe wondering why no more Magic of Julia poems.. I decided to make it a kindle book and it will be released by Christmas. That’s the plan, well my plan can change any moment. That’s another fucked up reality.

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