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Roots, yeah, roots, I smell them. A true follower will know exactly what I mean. I wrote some of these lines as part of another poem. I first discarded those lines then I pulled it out and wrote a reality, a truth.




Water bubbles upon the cold pebbles danced

The stream purified the nature from the impurities

Left by humanity in their brutal cruelty

Ah’ Mother Nature her virginity regained.


The broken bubble added a new note

To the music of the flowing river

The chirping birds took a dip and shivered

In the water made cold by the northern winds.


The air so good, the feeling so great at the end of fall

The fallen leaves as green summer’s monuments gathered

Ah’ in my mind too a monument of feelings built

With loving words as building blocks you gave.


Now the love I felt you leave under summer’s monuments

Ah’ I let the cold winds of fall with smell of winter, freeze

The images and feelings of a sunny summer of wonders

Oh’ all I feel is the Earth and all in there moving far, far.


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