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Here is a recent visit by someone I know to my blog…

Location: Chicago, Illinois, United States
Browser: Chrome 24.0
Operating System : MacOSX
Resolution: 1440×900
ISP: AT&T U-Verse
Navigation Path
Date and Time 29th January 23:32:20 from to
Date and Time 29th January 23:33:03 from to

I track every visitor to my blog as I have every right to do that to protect my interests. I remember once telling this person that leaving location wide open can pose dangers and the response was a lot of anger. I hate to reveal this information but I am doing this to let her know I mean no harm with all this and it will sadden me more that anything I may say may bother her or stress her. I apologized to her in the post Adventure for it maybe it is a good thing she visited and saw it and maybe in ‘Kindness’ accepted the apologies. It gave me a surpise that she visited my blog I never thought she ever will.It made me write the following. I thought I will leave it in an imaginary PoetryBox forever but now I thought she should know.

I raised from the east, looked all around east and west
I flew, I drove, I walked and I ran
All the time looking for an alternate face by God created instead of you
All my senses could figure out is
God laughing at my stupidity for my search
As you are the only one my heart is destined to love
The only one I can ever love

I wrote the truth with no expectations of anything. Its just that I can only be me.


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