An Enemy Unknown.

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When someone reads this poem he or she may think that I lost it totally and I should be institutionalized immediately. The funniest fact is, I am telling the truth. I wrote this poem with good information about what it can be. In time I will write more about it all. Some people very close to me knows what exactly I am talking about in this poem.


An Enemy Unknown.

Digging deep into life with colors filled,
Tried my best to gather the best of all,
Found everything with with wonder filled,
Ah’ but lost them all between cup and lips.

Even from the days when innocence left,
To see the thrill of world mind thrived,
And ran, ran and always I ran in a plight,
With a thought to get ahead of time.

Bound my soul to a place and pretty face,
Smile filled were the beginning of dreams,
Ah’ when to stop my plight I tried,
Reality shown me, upon a fate given treadmill I am.

Oh’ the God given fate never will I deny,
But the events came back again and again.
People different, results repeated, patterns same,
Ah’ God will never write such a dreadful fate.

Then through my melancholic thoughts I searched,
And when the past through timeline unfolded,
From birth through now I see a deliberate deception,
By an enemy that won’t rest even when good or bad done.

What is it? Why me? a milion times I asked,
From family to friends, loved ones to arch enemies,
Many names, many events ah’ all came to my mind,
And every action of mine reevaluated again and again.

My enemy, the one who knows me more than I know myself,
The one who takes away everything I love and block all good from me.
Ah’ that one elusive enemy I hunt in the shadows of past,
Unnamed and unknown remain in my life, unsatisfied.

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