The Blasphemy Of Romance.

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I announced the name of this poem during the first BlogTalkRadio show and at that time I gave an idea about the poem in a series of poems I was writing. I brought the series to a halt but they are not abandoned yet. I took the name of the poem and wrote a poem with some different thoughts in mind. The very name will give you insights into the thought process that went behind writing this poem.

Have a great time folks.

The Blasphemy Of Romance.

Weeping through the night without a sigh
Weaving dreams in which we both dance
Where are you oh’ my dearest darling?
Why are you so silent with your love?

Let the world throw a storm at you,
Let life throw you in a whirlpool,
Let the skies shower hail at you,
Let the mountains fall all over you,
The will of man still can make you smile.

As, in your love filled smiles will melt
Mighty winters that froze,
Mountains and seas and will calm,
Storms that clashed within our minds.

From far, far away my eyes searched,
For the feeling seen in two eyes yearned,
Oh’ you are the light of the present,
You will be the light of future ways,
Come to me and honor the love of mine.

Pure is my love, though life never was all pure,
In the age dictated search for truth,
Sleepless nights and lust filled games
And the lies ah’ they built life.

Ah’ my romance for you a mysterious blasphemy,
Of love and romance by you and all you love defined,
All I have become was a scattered summer storm,
And the shattered broken heart by the heat of life,
Dried, yet still whispered to you in language of the heart.

Whisper of heart became screams of soul,
Silence left life stealing your image from mind,
Oh’ wonders of life and time lied they will heal,
All wounds filled with painful regrets.

When regrets with vengeance I washed away,
Ah’ all left was a nightmare filled,
With poisonous snakes from all around biting,
In those venom filled eyes I looked and learned,
They are manifestations of my own love for you.

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