The Only Tear Drop.

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There are many times I told about many poems I wrote. This is one poem I should not have written. I said the same thing in my mind the moment I finished writing this poem. I am trying my best to typecast myself to writing specific kinds of poems. My facebook friends abandoned the idea of following my poems. That’s their problem. No more 100s of views from there. No one told any reasons either.
Actually I should not have written this poem. I don’t know why. This kinda is the end of many thoughts that hit dead ends. I tried my best to find out a way to blame her for thoughts hitting dead ends. I cannot blame her at all. I cannot blame me either. I cannot blame the world and I cannot blame fate. What will be blamed for love filled thoughts hitting dead ends especially in my case. Hmmm I took the words ‘my’ and ‘I’ from the next thoughts that came to my mind and wrote this poem. When I finished it was a lot hard for me.
See that’s a good lesson for a young writer. You need to take an emotion and should make that emotion pain you from inside. Then release the thoughts and what comes out, will heal you and you will feel good. It looks like I may have to find other ways to feel good.

The Only Tear Drop.

The mind in disbelief to and fro ran,
As in the power of feelings even birds flew away,
Every beat of heart like thunder felt,
And soul with dark clouds filled.

The raised hands apart to ground fell,
Disbelief in mind joined the darkness in soul and became,
The despair that wanted to shout out loud,
The despair that wanted to cry like a newborn.

The chaos over, leaving eternal melancholy,
Oh’ in eagerness to see her eyes,
Eyes remained dry and fear in mind forgot to wake,
The spirit that drove life like an iceberg froze.

She walked like a dancer, talked like a singer,
And with her every smile a billion stars were born,
She the one who wrote the word of love in heart,
Now when standing with another man, erased it from heart.

No anger at her still came to heart,
For in the sleepless waiting for her, forgot
To be angry and learned to be kind,
But never learned to love another.

The tricky game of love life ended,
No blames, no arguments, just some dreams lost,
Time will not heal but will find other reasons to live,
But may only hold her as the reason for the loveless life.

Ah’ that thought spilled a drop of tear from eyes.

©RIAZAHAMMED.COM. All Rights Reserved-2013.

7 Replies to “The Only Tear Drop.”

  1. @wordwarrior39 – Wordwarrior,
    I have about 5385 ‘Friends’ and ‘Likes’ now on Facebook these folks are mostly poets and authors who added me as a friend from various groups. I don’t know 95% of them still they added. Now of the 5% I know, they think I am not good enough or my style is not great enough I don’t know, they just don’t read my poems anymore. Some want me to tag them in my post or they won’t read my poems and you may know I cannot tag more than 10 people in a post. If I don’t tag they feel like I am ignoring them. It doesn’t matter. If they don’t want to read my poems so be it.

    Thanks for stopping by and leaving eprops. I appreciate it.

    Have a great day.


  2. You are better off without the insecure seekers of attention. Not everyone is comfortable in their own skin and need some heavy affirmation that they are more than they think they are. They are self-interested. There is no one outside of them.

    Several years ago I got into writing blank verse and other stuff. I can do it if the music and the mood and inspiration are right. Been a long time since I did it that way, though. I’ve been applying Bruce Lee’s philosophy regarding martial arts to poetry. ‘Know the form, but be formless,’ he said. ‘Be like water, my friend.’ I have been looking at forms. Shadorma and tanka I know. This past month I have looked to the Celts and the Welsh, the Burmese, the Vietnamese, the Lao for inspiration. Short poems that say what needs to be said. They have helped me write more, and the experiments have been somewhat successful. They are tools for growth. Try them out. Keep writing. Write for yourself, and don’t limit yourself.

    I have written eight poems in the last 24 hours. Twenty-six pages in 30 days. And 40 minutes to reach my goal. More later…

  3. @wordwarrior39 –  aha, looks like we think in the same way. Yeah, I don’t write directly on Facebook anymore I only post the link from here there. You are right.. some people are really attention freaks.
    Now about the blank verse and other forms. I studied them when doing a diploma on creative writing. There itself I took Burce Lee’s philosophy once I learned those forms I just understood it can become a hurdle for me down the road and haven’t written much in forms. I sure can take that back and try. I will give a good look into the forms you said. 8 poems in 24 hours is awesome…Keep up the good work. I will check out your page in the evening when I am free.. Okay.


  4. @poetrybox –  Thanks.

    A fist is a fist. What is the fist as a symbol? Only in use does the symbol become irrelevant and the fist is again a fist.

    As it is with the forms. They are pretty to look at, like a dancer spinning around, or the martial artist doing the kicks of fancy. There is a place for them. I felt stuck with tanka and shadorma. Needed more to work with. I will need to break into blank verse again, and stream of conscience, when I get a computer.

    Just got my monthly count. For April, I wrote 73 poems. Now I can sleep.

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