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This poem, the quoted part was written first on an image of a girl. I cannot post that image here as I have no permission to use her image. That’s the truth. I sent her the image and I haven’t heard from that girl afterwards. Like it always happens instead of understanding that it is a work of art not a message of love, this girl may never talk to me again. Her problem and her choice.
Now when I was thinking about that and was driving around I saw wild flowers in the wind and there came the first paragraph of the poem. Then I thought this happened a while back to me as another girl got totally lost in my poems. My mistake was there too as I got lost in my poems about her and felt love. The bigger mistake, my stubborn denial that it will be inappropriate for me. Well, looks like my thought about any romantic feeling from that girl is just hypothetical, so the poem is called hypothetical…


The dahlias in the wild with no help bloomed,
And the wind swayed them to show a pretty dance,
Memories like flashes of lightning back in mind flashed,
Rain like a lost wayfarer once in a while sprinkled.

Her image once more in a poem I weaved
And aloud to the world I spoke.

“Loveliness lashed like the wind in a summer noon,
And no one knew where from the wind came,
All around the nature looked
Oh’ very little of nature one can see,
As by the material world the spirit of nature covered.

Then in through the mind’s eyes I looked,
Deserts and seas, mountains and plains I saw,
Ah’ from none of those that wind birthed,
As every bit of sweat, the tears of hard life wiped,
And a comfort for all senses the wind became.

Silence in her dance withered,
Coolness with her touch all around spread,
Leaves of trees and tall grass with her touch giggled,
Touched souls and all of them she wrapped,
As I found every wind of summer from her love birthed.”

Though no sign of her anywhere around I saw or heard,
My own mind filled with love I myself don’t understand,
The wind through my mind lashed, ah’ I forgot to feel,
Then in apologies I laid back I and her image in mind painted.

Every bit of belief, faith, wisdom and skill I searched,
To find a lesser understanding that will kill her love for me,
All I gained is a better belief, faith and wisdom of strength,
Of her love for me and my unchallengeable love for her.

Then I gave up my thoughts to the angels of sleep,
Knowing the reality of my love for her
Unchallengeable in every world my love for her will fill,
Though her love for me is just a hypothetical thought of mine.

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