My Choice

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Choose your girl, choose your girl, world screamed,
They screamed then and they screamed later and they scream now,
Choose your girl, choose your girl.

I looked around and many pretty faces I saw,
Then I took my eyes off them and to the world I screamed.
“I chose a girl, the prettiest girl my eyes ever saw,
Every art she mastered and every letter I wrote and write she inspired,
Refined my love in the language of the heart,
I chose her not because of her beauty or because of her talents,
I chose her because in the hundreds of heart beats of her I felt,
One beat just for me, so I chose her and I prayed,
Oh’ God let her understand my love and make her love me,
Ah’ God decided to test me with what I cared most,
She loved at least three others but not me.
So no choice I can make no more love I can give,
My choice, God knows well is her, my only darling,
So scream at me not about choosing love,
Nor scream at me about choosing a girl.”

With a sigh I looked around and saw a squirrel busy hiding a nut,
With his ass right at my face.

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