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A New Poem.

Some people are very good at romance. Some people are really pathetic at romancing. The problem with extremes of both is .. it is very boring. Now this problem can come from many aspects.. Sometime even the best of the best can crumble in front of a potential partner(Male or female) because of circumstances. One example, I met this girl a while back and the very first time I saw her I felt attracted to her. The issue is the elusiveness of life took her away. Now I see her everyday still there is that elusive part where I cannot talk to her, she is not free, when she is free I am not free. Every bit of reasons comes and takes us away from each other. This is in many ways interesting and challenging. But there are times it becomes utterly boring. Earlier today when the temperatures with windchill felt like about -9F I took a walk to see her and talk to her. Hmmm nope, missed her totally. I came home and tried many distractions (Good, bad and dirty) naaa nothing working… then I opened this poem.. The first stanza was written a while back and I finished it.. Though a bit lame, Opposite thinking worked.


Walk through the beach hand in hand
Fill the air with scent of romance
Ah’ promises to own conscience unkept
As the waves erased our footprints
And summer winds fell to the autumn cold
A dream I weaved within the waves that came
And my message of love will walk over the waves
And will bring a smile of warmth upon your face
When your own heart will whisper my verse of love
Into the depths of your soul from where sprouted,
Unknown meanings of a new romantic feeling.

Oh’ between the written unknowns I searched,
But the romance from you soul sprouted,
Carried the love of days gone,
The magic in your eyes seen
And galloping of tomorrow’s waves.
And deeper and deeper into my soul pierced,
The inevitable defeat of every defence of mine,
I loved not as good as you did and now in your soul I am lost.

In the beautiful feelings of a timeless romance I fell asleep,
Where I saw no dreams, my breaths woke me to a realization,
Ah’ every dream I ever weaved, carried,
A bit of my love only meant for a soul where I am lost,
The soul through the eyes of yours I see,
Ah’ an ocean filled with waves that came and took,
Bit by bit the sand shore where I defined my love for you.

© RIAZAHAMMED.COM-All Rights Reserved-2018.

Photo by Jakob Owens on Unsplash


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