A Glow In Mind.

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The world goes in speed unimaginable,
Light travels faster than anything material,
And into that material world born,
A day from the depths of darkness night spread.

Lights of all kinds from everywhere made day brighter,
The Earth moved faster than any machines mankind made,
And mankind needed or not moved faster than they can.

My clothes, something to eat and drink and myself I grabbed,
What I ate to end the nightly fast I know not,
When drinking tea I knew milk to bacteria fell pray overnight.

Driving through the high way as fast as one can,
And all wanted to reach where they should be an hour earlier,
Morning grew older as the angels of noon up from bed yawned.

The more the day spread more complicated life became,
Whining colleagues, daring deadlines and restless hours,
The disagreements, the agreements, disappointments, the triumph,
I smiled when success upon and all around me pried,
When success left me astray with answerless questions, I frowned.

Every second, a new flavor to the life of the day, added,
The adventure of racing back home in the evening,
Morning people were busy, now daytime made them insane.
Panicky all are to reach back home, once home all know,
It’s just the same old home, couch, T.V shows and dinner,

Panic gone and emptiness filled in mind and to the bed drags,
When closing eyes to the darkness filled room darker,
Oh’ mind glow with thoughts and images of you my dear,
And brightens every corner of soul with love,
In love, peace and to dream filled sleep.

©RIAZAHAMMED.COM. 2009 All Rights Reserved.

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