The Curse Of The LonelyPoet.

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The Curse Of The LonelyPoet.

From the day I remember things in life,
Hazy but comforting a face in mind I saw,
For a glimpse of the real I waited,
But without a sight I outlived time.

When in life the smile of love I may see?
Don’t know the fate don’t know the secrets of the feeling,
All guesses and unfulfilled wishes.

Oh’ the winds changed its course,
Like bunches of fresh blossomed Jasmine,
In front of me you stood as the fulfillment,
Of fortunes, of blessings of heart,
You are the face of all blessings of mine, I said,
No darkness can fade your face from my mind,
The whole mankind may doubt and try
To change the course of my righteous love,
Otherwise mankind can’t be called likewise,
If they cast a doubt in my mind, I cursed,
The curse of loneliness will melt me,
In the flames of your conscience.

The course of time and crooked minds outplayed,
With my love for her in doubts of her sanctity,
And forever I lost her, the blessing of my life,
And forever I’ll live in my own curse.

©LonelyPoet-2006- From The Book Age Of Survival.

The Curse Of The LonelyPoet.
Part II.

From childhood days a dream I saw,
In there a little girl lived and spoke,
To me in the language of birds in sweetest voice,
Brighter than gold shined, the yellow dress she worn,
And she told me stories I always loved to hear,
And from those days every new moon day she appeared,
In my dreams and words of care in verse of love she whispered,
Every time she appeared told a story of a longing heart filled,
With hope, passions and sweetness of love,
And onto that heart her journey she traveled,
And every time she ended the dream she left,
A message that one day will come when real she will become.

Along with me into adolescent years she grew,
And her stories bettered through years,
Her prettiness she shown in her eyes,
Those that shined bright like two twinkling stars,
And for every new moon day for her and her stories I waited,
Never ever I had a companion as I waited,
For her to become real and be with me forever.

Oh’ but that day never came as stories in repetition she told,
And a message of wonderful words she always left,
And every time I asked she told
“O my dear, my dearest there will be a day that will come,
When faces no longer seen, magic no longer worked,
Wonders no longer believed, days no longer long,
Nights filled with stars and cold not fully felt,
And on that day real in front of you I will stand,
Be there; be sure to accept the truth,
For in the world of dreams, truth and false are same,
And in the world you live truth is all that matters.”

Years passed, four decades the dream consumed me,
Lands changed and in the land where Halloween celebrated,
And there came a night full of stars, faces not seen,
Nothing I remembered of the dream as innocent hearts,
For trick-or-treat came and to them all candies I gave,
When laying on the couch near midnight a knock I heard,
Casual, lazy old me walked to the door and opened,
In all yellow there she was, my dream girl in real, in front,
Jumped into my hands and upon my lips kissed again and again,
Then pushing me back she told,
“O my dear, my dearest, my days with you are over,
Remember that girl when asked to play with you, you ignored,
I am her curse upon you, in her sadness, in her mind she said,
Never will you have a companion as all will be a wonderful dream,
And all your good manly years along with you I lived you fool,
Now none will love you and none will be a companion,
And my job with you finished and I will be gone,
After fulfilling the promise I gave,
Go into the depths of loneliness and live,
As every hurt you leave will wield a curse,
And as for you, your curse came here this way,
The forty kisses for forty years of loneliness,
A hundred and forty more years of loneliness,
Upon this earth will come to you and you should live”

Then into the darkness she vanished,
Looking up at the sky I once more wondered,
Why were I born and why did I lived and why should I live,
Then to my own soul I said,
“Hundred and forty more years to live,
What a wonderful life that will be,
None to bother and nothing to be bothered about,
Now we know that its just us from here on”

While closing the door once more up on to the sky I looked
And saw two twinkling stars, like those wonderful eyes.

©RIAZAHAMMED.COM. All Rights Reserved-2008

The Curse Of The LonelyPoet.
Part III.

See through the light from my soul,
See the love in my soul that glows,
Darkness is nothing strange to the true lover,
Ah’ nothing on Earth stay as is forever.
I laid all the light in my soul for you to see,
See the love for you glow in me.

Maybe a thousand lines of verse about us I already wrote,
Wrote in soul, memories, in a thousand years to come can remember,
Oh’ you are the flower, who withstood the winter storm,
You are the star that shines without any mass inside,
But for me you chose to leave,
Leave only a silhouette of gladness.

The phantoms of past faceless danced,
And about you again and again I thought,
Dragged along with a life consumed,
With crooked fate and dark times,
Oh’ the shining of a blessing I once saw,
The shining of a lucky star in the soul of yours,
But why ye chose again to throw,
Me back into the mighty dark of past.

Kindness of you I will not take,
Anger of you with love I will subdue,
And the loving me you can never curse,
Into oblivion my love will go,
Only your love for me can rekindle in me smile and love,
Until that day every object on the face of this planet I curse,
Not to feel the love of mine.

©RIAZAHAMMED.COM.All Rights Reserved-2011.

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