The Lonely Lilly

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Bright may not be the moonlight,
But the half-moon still very well shined,
The summer sprouts fell asleep,
And through the darkness came,
A cool breeze upon the pleasant moonlight gliding.

Sleep from inside me woke up and gripped,
The slow drowning leaving emotions one by one,
The muscles rested though no lullabies heard,
No dames to hold on to, just a surrender,
Upon the futon in the hallway,
Away from all into a world unknown.

Phantoms with ugly faces danced in nightmares seen,
Their screams and mocking laughs,
But these days, more than any monsters loneliness scares.
My subconscious mind screamed and back at them howled.

From behind upon a stallion, it came,
Knocked me down with vengeance and tied me up,
To a deep dark cave where nothing I saw,
Did darkness dance or were they shadows of doom?
Then slow pat on the forehead with a stick I felt,
“Open your eyes and watch me drown”
I heard the voice of a mid-aged woman,
When from sleep into the dancing moonlight I woke,
Not so far, but not so near the Lilly pond I can see,
And into the pond slowly she walked and disappeared.

Fearless near to the pond I went,
Then to every sense of mine came what each sense can feel,
The story of a maid who became her master’s victim,
And after lust gone not knowing what to do,
Into the pond drowned her mercilessly,
His crime with the help of a dark angel she avenged.
And near the pond the light of her soul she tied,
Every light-hearted will run for life,
But this poet in all curiosity towards the pond walked.

The wind stopped, the half moon upon the clouds rested,
The sun in the east wearing his armor,
For the conquest of the day to come,
Up close to the pond when I reached I saw,
A single fresh blossomed Lilly in the dim moonlight,
Plucking the flower back to my new home, I walked,
Knowing and feeling a soul restlessly wander,
In all probability until the end of time.

©RIAZAHAMMED.COM. 2009 All Rights Reserved

Photo by Perchek Industrie on Unsplash

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