The Brutality Of Mankind.

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There is no blog for this post..Read the poem then you will know why there can’t be a blog post for this poem.

Fools all around paraded,
As the fountains sprouted in the middle of the circle,
Mermaids holding wine chalices pouring,
Colored water from the glittering lights underneath,
Oh’ even in their stone carved eyes one can see,
Passion filled lust from seven heavens not to mankind known.

Oh’ the flowers in the garden danced,
To the rhythm of winds from all around came,
The wind stole the pollen leaving flowers glad,
And the humming bird beat the wind and gravity,
To stay in air sucking honey to fill every mind.

With thoughts filled mind through the garden he walked,
The land around he saw once with farms and industries filled,
Now a graveyard for the American dream,
And for peace of mind young and old romanced in competition.

To show their love and care for the flowers they came,
Expression of emotion they deeply felt,
Hurting the thorns with lusty thoughts,
Fools through hallucinations, as sex addicts they evolved,
Constant companions of the whispering devils.

Many love not, but act,
As if in love to make a fashion statement,
Oh’ those zombies a calamity for mankind,
A degenerated curse, destroying dreams, in excuse of love.

Love an action with no reality cared,
Love the excuse for millions of death,
Oh’ love bitten mongers, cry not,
Your moans by thin air consumed,
And by light of reality blinded.

Originated from illusions dreams ate mind,
The closer he got to any flower they vanished,
As men with evil grin plucked,
And to nymphomaniacs gave,
The essence of their self proclaimed love,
That after two minutes of sex evaporated.

Truth not seen, buried dream’s moans heard,
Lusty humans in their comforts violated,
Their own conscience with brutal spiritual force.

The flowers from stems detached,
Petals in winds of ambitions withered,
The brutality of mankind in one word poet told,
Then with an innocent laugh deeper into desert he walked.

©RIAZAHAMMED.COM. All Rights Reserved-2011.

Photo by Jane Palash on Unsplash

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