Pledge Of The Lost Dreamer.

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I will, I will, I will I screamed,
But the passing time in fearful surprise looked,
As some twisted fate never allocated space,
For my love in your heart, O’ sweet heart.

Stories to you I told, stories about you I told,
And with you to stand I tried,
But the mocking world, the brutal world,
Made me a scavenger of the love you left.

I will, I will, I will I again and again wept,
Like a child holding pebbles beside the river I stood,
Holding on to the wonderful memories,
I weaved from the titbits I scavenged,

Of a shattered dream with you I wished to see,
But lost my own ways in a dream you never knew,
Every bit of my love Ah’ I saved to give you in fulfilment,
Now as titbits I sat and in tears scavenged.

I will, I will, I will Oh’ I sworn,
To erase my sorrow and to dream.
A thousand years of sadness I will take,
For one happy dream in which I make you smile.

And weave a memory from that smile making life tenseless.

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