A Reason To Dream.

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A Reason To Dream.

Sadness is relative to gladness”, some say,
Though about the connection I always wondered,
And in dismay I sometimes agreed,
With those unknown, unseen folks, in the gone by days.

Ah’ about the gone by days I remember,
When conscience filled with love,
And love became a wicked disease,
A disease for which I know no cure.

I searched not in the wilderness of this weird world,
For a cure for the disease your smile gave me,
But kept on listening to the whispers embedded,
In the heart beats of mine that rhymed with yours.

Oh’ how wonderful the poetry of life we felt,
Where happiness of mine became the monument of time,
And space between us just in the passions of love, vanished,
Ah’ what fantastic dreams waited to bloom in our hearts.

Dreams sprouted but never became full blooms,
The craziness of the world through life consumed,
Every bit of love and heart and conscience froze,
And deep in the mind sadness filled like the dark of night.

Though love you found in creatures and what else I know not,
All I know is that you are the only love in my life I have,
And you are the only one that can bring gladness to my heart,
But what’s not there leaves mind in the chaos of being unloved.

Fading away from life is the feeling of gladness,
As what I have is sadness and brief times of not being sad,
Then there are moments when I fall tired when days go gloom,
And I remember that saying “Sadness is relative to gladness”.

Ah’ wise it sound but my life mission became weaving,
A dream of glad moment with you in the fullness of life,
A dream I leave afloat upon the ocean of life,
Where at times crazy winds blows up the waves of sadness.

And the rest of the times I dream about you and be glad.


Photo by Kinga Cichewicz on Unsplash

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