Love Regained.

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Love Regained.

The air above the lake in even pace moved,
And the water below like a venom spitting serpent rolled,
The land like a lover in patience laid,
The storm has arrived every mind told.

The wanderer by the woods he stood,
As pines clashed in unknown vengeance,
Everything material in ear piercing thunders shook,
And the wind took an yellow rose and laid,
At the footstep of the aging wanderer.

Looking deep into the valley he stood,
As no storm nature blow can sway,
The mind of a man who feel none,
As every feeling in his mind focused,
Upon the eyes of the darling unseen.

Ah’ what wonders life at you can throw?
What wonders Mother Nature can show?
The seen and heard, the tasted and smelt,
Oh’ though not touched they all fragments of a reality
Reality of a wonderful childhood dream,
When upon the terrace of a home a boy sat and dreamt,
About an unbelievable future he may never have.
The Earth at Sun stared and glowed,
The Moon stayed away as witness of that warmth,
As through dark matter universe moved,
That little boy too through time and space moved,
And Romance as the medium he took,
To see the unseen,
The hear the unheard,
The feel the unknown.

So all that known sways him not,
As the storm in fury lashed,
Lightning right beside him touched,
The ground shook with the fallen trees,
Even in the wild destruction all he found,
The beauty no one else cared to notice.

Horizons united and all around exploded,
The storm violently all around spread,
Every creature in fear all around ran,
With a smile the wanderer walked,
As mind far away with a pretty soul danced,
And through every bit of what Mother Nature unleashed enhanced,
The belief in the unseen,
Who in turn gave him the feelings of love for her,
That through every vein to every corner of him spread,
And the missing element his time and space found,
The joy of his love to every corner spread,
And a smile upon all that knows him sprouted,
As the love for her through his hand slipped, he regained.

©RIAZAHAMMED.COM. All Rights Reserved.2012

Photo by Spencer Dahl on Unsplash

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