She – Sixteen.

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She – Sixteen.

About the day I was born I wish I knew,
Then the brain slowly learned about a puzzle,
The big one where slowly pieces he fitted,
And made an image my childhood wonderfully played.

That image taught well and from mind slowly faded,
As new set of pieces came around and brain played,
The adolescent age made a romantic image and loved,
Then the image by storms of life broke and pieces burned.

In the youth a new set of pieces I found,
And a new puzzle I played and a new image made,
Ah’ the cycles of life brought a new set of storms,
Even the best of my efforts to save the puzzle, failed.

When passing through the mid-thirties I prayed,
Not to see a set of pieces I should arrange, but,
Life the monster at my conscience thrown,
An image to refuse, for me impossible to make real,

Ah’ in my mind I made the pieces one by one,
And the puzzle formed slow and steady,
Then the image shown eyes so bright,
Then the image shown a smile I can’t forget.

Ah’ years passed and with that image I wrote,
Verses that into my mind whispered,
Stories of romance I myself never thought I knew,
And more and more verses I wrote in peace of mind.

Then a day broke up around the eastern skies,
Shattering every bit of mists of Autumn morn,
Sun grew bright and shined bright like a mocking smile,
Then she came, Oh’ she came, with a real loving smile.

Oh’ as in every way different I am, I prayed,
And in every way Oh’ every day I tried,
To break the puzzle from every corner of life,
Ah’ the smile became laughs of life’s mockery.

Life, the monster never gave me love I said,
Life, gave me love of my own to give,
And as she abandoned the roads to my love,
The hurting thorns deep into soul pierced.

Ah’ to the defeated soul, the pained soul to cry I said,
And in the weeping of my soul to pray I trained,
Oh’ I failed again and again to erase and break that puzzle,
As stubborn life stood the ground and screamed.

She, the twin flame of your soul is the love of your life.

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Photo by Joshua Rawson-Harris on Unsplash

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