The Power Of Heart.

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The Power Of Heart.

Talking through time in limitless words,
Walking through in rhythm heart listens,
When painless one wish to feel,
And pain from all sides squeezes, mercilessly.

The world in sympathy speaks and looks,
Some minds in empathy adores,
Love defines meanings in new found ways,
Material of another life cut short, but in love fulfilled.

Medicines, therapy, effects and side effects,
All ready to crumble even the strongest,
But deep inside a power reigns and consumes,
Every corner of soul, mind and in turn the whole body.

Be the power that think not about the past,
Bring forth the will that crowns every supporting soul,
Fall not in despair of pain or weakness of blood and marrow,
For every sickness the mind and brain holds the cure to heal.

Every beat of heart empowers the soul,
Every moment a well cherished fulfillment,
In the power of heart no pain felt,
A power that heals every wound in light of love.

No pain can over shadow the healing touch of love,
None can stop anyone from giving love,
Such is the power of heart one in will can give,
And in giving everyone can find.

©RIAZAHAMMED.COM – All Rights Reserved – 2009.

Photo by Patrick Schneider on Unsplash

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