Happy Noon!!

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Happy Noon!!

The wind through the fans round and round went,
And from the heat all around in vengeance danced, tried to cloak,
Silent I sat as in depths of mind patience settled scores with passions,
A thousand reasons I can say to be frustrated, sad and depressed,
Oh’ time can drag his feet around me,
A thousand curses and black magic, foes at me can throw,
Take away every means of life I have,
Cry I will not, silent I never will be,
The patience will persist, the lover will never sleep,
The waiting first brought pain, then all froze,
Then it became a habit, now an addiction,
In the obsession of one successful blessing,
I find happiness this day and will find every day after,
As somewhere in my mind echoed the vows,
Of love and happiness for my darling I want to share.

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