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Waking up from a dream, Ah’ what a dream it was I said,
I saw her in a crowd in locomotive I’ve never seen,
She said something when her head she raised,
Her humming oh’ still echoes,
Her perplexed face, Oh’ felt sorry for being there.

Reminded me of a promise I made,
A promise to a mother I once made,
To never love her daughter with romance.
Even if she comes to me with her loving heart,
Sure will I return her to that mother burying my love.

Ran, Ran and through the sands of beach faster I ran,
The wind upon my face with vengeance slapped,
The falling snow upon eyelashes froze.
Her humming still echoed in my ears,
The word in a language I don’t understand sounded,

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Photo by Cristian Newman on Unsplash

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