A Journey Through The Dark Paths.

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A Journey Through The Dark Paths.

Conscience in harmony with the world spoke,
A world where lies looks and sounds like truth,
Where pets and printed pulp value more,
Than the purity of love and its suffering unknown.

Sanity O’ Sanity now-a-days a saintly act,
So drag me not O’ conscience drag me not,
For the world for reasons unknown need,
Me to breathe, me to smile and be your shadow.

As weather through the wilderness of modernity whither,
And hopes hold together in a mansion of meaninglessness,
A mansion where insanity of romance for you forever waits,
As time through dark paths into more darkness retrograded.

Silent I fell, no tears, no screams just the passions wrapped,
And through air passed sensations of a heart long lost its rhythm,
The hasting time and the frozen space left me astray to say,
“I will walk through the dark paths to reach the light of her soul.”

And from that whisper started a new journey to her beautiful soul.

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