A Truth In The Beauty Of All Images.

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A Truth In The Beauty Of All Images.

Lost my mind in the twists of a soul,
Time collapsed into the dark of that day,
And through the wind and then through the light,
I searched and searched for a way to you.

You twisted and twisted in your search,
From soul to soul you thought,
And thoughtless became your life in obsession,
To prove me wrong, to defeat my romance.

In every beat of your heart you found a rhythm,
To dance through every emotion that touched,
And your whole life became a theatrical masquerade,
In it you lost the reality, the heart beat you found was mine.

Run, run and run you will in the same ways from oneself,
Ah’ conscience became a relentless hunter,
That hunted your obsessions to almost extinction,
But you relentlessly fought and fought and ran again.

All the colors of material life you painted,
All the screams of material life you shouted,
All the chasing and hiding to bury a silent truth.
A truth in the beauty of all images you know,

That truth is your love for me.

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Photo by ziko cinematography on Unsplash

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