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Ancient objects looked down and smiled,
Before they bid adieu to the night that shown them bright,
Oh’ how wonderfully innocence filled we all slept,
As the light day brought, sprouted out and all around spread.

Beautiful things, pretty people and all events they both made,
Woke up in hurry some still half asleep walked, bathed and ate,
Many went to their work; some helped those who went,
Some slept more, then sat, ate and sat again in research of laziness.

I woke up my day from a dreamless sleep and asked,
“Do I have the fortune of love today?
Or the misfortunes of another day?
Or do I have pleasantness in meaningless hours I spare?”

The air stayed still and my breath disturbed its peace,
Time in a frequency spoke I heard not, the heart understood none,
Oh’ the vibrations from my heart and the charges from my brain,
Filled the air with questions, none understood well to answer.

Actions and thoughts O’ left a man astray and none noticed,
Life moved like a serpent with venom-filled fangs of negativity,
Time O’ time an enemy that left arrows of fire that burned the past,
Meanings searched only left the air unbreathable with “Why” questions.

And leaving all, in the heartbeat imaginations ran after threads,
Threads that vibrated through time and space uninfluenced,
Capturing threads steadily and in purls and knits weaved dreams,
And in each and every purl and knit I left a heartbeat of love.

The roads mind far beyond the speed of light travelled,
Ah’ nothing seen, just a feeling of a meaning,
Meaning that needs no light or darkness to understand,
That meaning unrolled from the purls and knits left a smile.

Smile that lifted a falling dream to the heights of reality,
Where two souls thriving in simplicity to be found,
And they found meanings of each other eye to eye.
Love has found its meaning exalted once more.

©RIAZAHAMMED.COM – All Rights Reserved – 2018.

Photo by Fineas Gavre on Unsplash

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