Search For An Unwritten Story.

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Have you ever trekked through paths unknown?
Your mind thriving to know the twists and turns,
What comes beyond the turns, dead end or a mile more?
Have you ever felt your heart with every heavy step of yours?

The story every step told expressed, ah’ wrote and rewrote,
The pulsating energies touched, retouched and filled life,
And every touch a story told and inspired life for another step,
That which untouched, ah’ inspired imaginations to flourish.

An untouched romance O’ though no touch physically felt,
Touched deep as she became the spirt and light of dreams,
And imaginations became a newly birthed Spring, everlasting,
Through them wrote events, love and fulfilment of life.

Then came a day where her silence like a vampire haunted,
Mind and every beat of heart became a battle drumbeat,
Leaving a question that rode like a chariot through every vein,
“What blinded mind’s eyes to leave a story unwritten?”

Searched, searched and searched again every corner of mind,
Ah’ one feeling eluded and a mystery in mind like a storm brewed,
The feeling about the definition of love in her heart,
Pen closed, papers burned and from mind’s eyes a drop of tear wiped.

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Photo by Garin Chadwick on Unsplash

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