A New Lesson For You.

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The lonely tree’s branches like an Indian dancer’s pose stood,
As the volcanic rocks towered behind like a witness of ire,
Of a gone by past of violent actions and reactions when making,
Mother Nature from gas, dust, and water from all corners of universe.

The fury gone, mother calmed, children were born, trees grown,
Floods came, water receded, maps were drawn, by her own hands,
Wiser and wiser humanity became, pole to pole directions we wrote,
And directionless became races, religions, nations, and empires.

No expert I am to say what is good and what is evil,
What is beautiful, what is not beautiful as in all I know,
There is good, there is beautiful, there is evil, and unpleasant,
Ah’ we failed to learn, understand, and accept the balance.

The twists and turns of the dynamics of life, ah’ how unpredictable,
Mind blown schematics like the patterns in a kaleidoscope turns,
A flick of fingers, everything changes, all through a narrow tunnel seen.
What wonders of world we have seen? How many more we ignored?

Earth in its mighty magnificence, ah’ silently tilts and turns,
None knows the perfection of the grand scheme of anything,
Oceans grew darker and darker in depths; brighter soul glows,
The deeper and deeper I search for the meanings of my feelings.

No silence shut my ears; no words dilute my thoughts, only a chant,
Blended into the beat of my heart, in no verses I can repeat,
No images, no similes, no colors, ah’ an endless ocean of love,
Lighting every moment of yours as a new lesson of life you learn.

© RIAZAHAMMED.COM – All Rights Reserved – 2019.

Photo by Vitaly Nikolenko on Unsplash

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