A Heart Where Dreams Can Rest.

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When love I felt clung to my heart I asked,
My conscience to search past and present of life,
For a heart where my dreams of love can rest,
And silence into my inner thoughts spread,
Like darkness of the night into a mountain.

When scouring through the past and present, known,
Ah’ about the hearts I have known with love,
And through love that build in my heart step by step,
The wrongs of the night no days ever seen,
The wrongs of the days, ah’ in overwhelming light buried,
Light everyone misunderstood as the love of mine.

When in the villainy of the wild world one consumes,
Always comes the consequences that make one cry,
Ah’ I challenged life to bring on all those consequences,
As learned I to drown every pain any hurt can bring,
But never ever even in imagination to me whispered,
Silence will hunt me to a sleepless self-talker,
As my own conscience into darkness hid from my stalking.

Through the country-side and through towns life wandered,
Milestones passed and many shores erased left footsteps,
Sun and Moon competed to see misfortunes of romance,
Then they too hid behind dark clouds as shadows fainted,
Shadows like blessings angels all through life followed.
Now as realities deferred to be real and faded into fog,
Oh’ fate ran out of space and time for me to be a lover,
Still, when thinking about your smiling images, I smile,
The kind soul of yours makes a heart where dreams can rest.

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Photo by Rob Tol on Unsplash

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